This site is dedicated to the cause of pragmatic actions to enhance the economic and social welfare of Connecticut. is owned and operated by Don Vaccaro, an American business magnate and philanthropist. A serial entrepreneur, Vaccaro has started and owns several successful companies. He has also been a driving force in the ticketing industry as a founding member and former president of several ticket brokers associations as well as the founder of the largest ticket broker conference in the industry.

His companies provide employment and business opportunities for hundreds of families both at home and internationally. His passion does not begin or end with starting businesses to make more money, but instead to provide a place for others to grow their talents and fulfill their potential. This enthusiasm for providing opportunities and giving back grew out of the values he learned from his parents. His mother Ruth has an office at his company and provides invaluable insight.

Don Vaccaro’s success has blessed him with means to help others in a meaningful way. Don has a passion for assisting those affected by cancer, wounded warriors, urban development, youth organizations, the arts, education, and the disabled. He also is a strong supporter of protecting the environment, and has nurtured several ventures including an animal sanctuary, community garden and farm on the TicketNetwork campus, and has recently started a tree farm. In 2014 TicketNetwork was awarded the Beautification Award for its garden and farm, and Business of the Year by the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

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